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We provide the best online loan that suitable for your situations. We will find you a lender and transfer money to your bank account quick and easy.

Personal Loans

  • Unsecured loan
  • Transfer money instantly
  • Open to all creditors
  • No guarantor needed
  • Apply in just one minute and find a direct lender

Short Term Loans

  • Quick loan application
  • Borrow from legit and reliable lenders
  • Choose a loan type that you need
  • Agreeable amount
  • Short-term repayment with high interest

How Will My Application Work?

Secure Application

Complete the information needed for your payday loan details. Select a loan period and the amount that you want to borrow. Fill in the personal information with your transfer details to complete the process.

Find a Direct Lender

Once you have submitted and completed the information needed for the application mobile loan, you will choose a legit and responsible lender. We provide you the lenders that are suitable for your loan type.

Transaction Completed

The lender evaluates your personal loan application and transfers money to your bank account. There is no need for personal interaction because every decision is online.

Unsecured Loan

We provide an unsecured loans that do not require any collateral for your chosen loan type. Unsecured loans have the highest interest rate because the lender does not have secured items or assets that borrowers could give as an exchange of payment.

Personal Loan

We face a lot of challenges when financial crisis occur. Personal loans are a short-term loan that gives an individual the cash amount that they need in times of emergencies. Personal loans are an instant loan. The lenders provide a cash amount that you need after evaluating your loan application.

What Products Can You Help Me With?

We are an accredited credit broker that negotiated to numerous lenders. We help you find a solution to your financial problems. We provide a variety of no credit check loans that you could choose from. We provide the loans depending on your purpose such as short-term loans to long-term loans.



Long Term

Short Term


Loancaptive provides you the best and legit lenders that could help you. We will compare the lenders for your chosen loan type and give you the idea to find a lender that offers the lowest rate and give your borrowed money instantly.

How Do I Apply?

Watch this video to know more on our loan application process.

Loancaptive’s FAQ’ S

Here are some of the frequently asked questions of our valued customers.

Q: How much money can I borrow?
The cash amount that you can borrow depends on the loan type that you have. When you have a short-term loan, the maximum amount to borrow is $995 while personal loans range to $1,000 to $25,000.


Q: Do you have personal loans for bad credit?
Yes, our loan types are suitable for everyone. Even if you have a history of bad credit, we will help you find a lender and loan that based on your purpose.


Q: What are your unsecured loans?
Our unsecured loans consist of credit cards, personal, and term loans. We suggest to fill out our application form to provide you the best-unsecured loan.


Q: How many months is your repayment period?
Our repayment period is from 3-18 months. You can choose your repayment method upon your application.

What Are Unsecured Loans?

There are different types of unsecured loans. The common unsecured loan is a credit card where borrowers can use their credit limit again once repaid. Another type is a payday loan which is applicable to employees or anyone who have a proof source of income. A payday loan is a short-term loan that takes 15-30 days only. There are also signature loans, term loans, and students loans that are categorized as unsecured loans.

Unsecured Loans Guide

We provide you the unsecured loan you need. In order to get the money you want, you must fill in the details needed in our application form. Then, we will evaluate and give you a direct lender for your purpose.

Unsecured Loans Guide

Unsecured Loans Guide

Unsecured Loans Guide